Daniel Haagens
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Wholesale Distribution Application

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Price list generation from your EXCEL spreadsheet. Sample Page
Publish by printing, web display or CD.

Price lists are generated in PDF format from a spreadsheet where each entry typically contains a vendor name, a vendor part number,  your part number, brief part description, unit of measure, multiple pricing for quantity breaks and optional catalog page references if desired. If the page references are included, a master catalog without price information can be maintained. Separate price lists reduce publishing expense since prices change more frequently than master catalog entries. The price lists are placed on the web, on a CD or printed. Logos, advertising material and terms and conditions can be inserted in appropriate places.
The most common version contains three sections:

1) Vendor list.
2) Detail price list with the above listed entries
3) "Yellow pages" showing only part numbers and prices with quantity price breaks.

Results are tailored to your requirements.
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