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Cynthia Haagens - Singer, Songwriter                                         
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    You are listening to "Cover Up" 2003.
Words, music, vocal & MIDI orchestra by Cynthia.
Electric guitar by Eric Potter .                     
Cynthia Haagens is a singer/writer of 21st century message songs that rock. While radiating an eclectic yet accessible musical style born of British art pop, rock, electronic and classical music and Joni Mitchell, Haagens emerges from her sphere of musical antecedents as an original musical presence on the scene.
Raised north of San Francisco in the golden era of psychedelic rock, Haagens studied electronic music and performance art with avant-garde composer Gordon Mumma, songwriting with Joe Henry and Bonnie Hayes, and composition with Ross Wright a.k.a. Elvis Schoenberg. Now based in L.A., she's recently recorded piano tracks for a solo album by Billy Talbot, bassist with Neil Young's band Crazy Horse, as well as a stratospheric-ambient backing vocal for the ballad "Manitoba" on cowpunk Frank Black's latest album Show Me Your Tears. Produced by Stan Ridgway, this killer dirge features a lineup of awesome musicians including the legendary Van Dyke Parks!
Haagens also penned lyrics to "The Secrets of My Heart," title track of director Graeme Clifford's feature film Deception starring Andie MacDowell, Liam Neeson, and Viggo Mortensen.
She currently plays synth keyboards, writes, sings and sometimes modifies her voice through electronics with the BangBangMen, a San Francisco rock improv band featuring Dave Scheff on kit, bassist Larry Dekker and electric guitarist Peter Wiley. Dave and Larry hail from the amazing rock band Translator (click to view)

Cover Up      TOP

There was a diplomat as cagey as a cat
He knew he'd stand to lose sleuthing under the mat
So when they asked him to
He let it sit a few
Just let it chill until one day he said "I will not do it"

Was a black box just like Pandora's box
Full of telltale sound effects and dialogs
But not a trace was there
It strangely disappeared
First time one's ever been known to vanish in thin air

Cover up! When it starts to rain
Don't let it come pouring down on you or you might find you wear the stain
Cover up! When it starts to hail
Pull your cover up over your head just like the dead and let the thundering silence prevail.

Well, those who talk don't know
And those who know don't talk
Don't pay to bite the hand that feeds that big hand on the clock
And little hush money they give to grease the wheel
Keeps you silent as the dumb, is your incentive not to squeal:

Cover up! When it starts to rain
Or every sitting duck run out of luck train a crosshairs on your stealthy brain.
Cover up! When it starts to fail
Pull your cover up over your head just like the dead and let the blundering silence prevail

2003 Cynthia Haagens